Mother’s Day One-Liners


Every year, the staff at the Southwest Orlando Bulletin harvests heartfelt, honest and funny passages from the entries submitted for the Best Mom in Southwest contest. This year was no exception.
Even though all the submissions from the 23rd annual contest could not be printed, the following one-liners were too cute to exclude:

“She smells like roses, and her eyes gleam like the moon on a lake.”
Mackenzie Morgan, 12

“She uses her brain and imagination to make creative stuff like silverware music.”
Caleb Mendez, 8
Southwest Orlando

“Her positive attitude keeps me going, even if it’s something I don’t like such as the dreadful sport of running.”
Grace Hey, 11

“My mom writes me little lunch letters to say how much she loves me.”
Gabrielle Fabozzi, 8

“My love for [my mom] is larger than an obese elephant.”
Joe Deluzio, 12
Keene’s Pointe

“She gets my clothes for me in the morning and even warms them up in the dryer when it’s cold outside.”
Anders Lindenberger, 6
Stone Creek

“My mother is my light when I am in darkness.”
Joshua Hartnett, 11

“I truly believe the motto, ‘Mothers Know Best,’ mostly because I don’t know how many times she has proven me wrong.”
Tomas Perez, 14
Winter Garden

“She is like the spine in my back; she holds me up and keeps me from falling.”
Nick Maher, 12
Bay Isle

“I am smart because she is. My brain thanks you, Mom.”
Adam Wilson, 11
Windermere Downs

“I just want my mom to know that she is wonderfully made and the biggest blessing in my joyful world.”
Kara Myers, 12
Sand Lake Point

“My mom is extremely helpful when she paints the nails on my right hand. I can’t do it because I’m a righty.”
Caitlin McDaniel, 11
Harbor Isle

“My mom could win an Oscar for best mom in Southwest. She could even get a star in Hollywood with her name on it!”
Valeria Napolitano, 9

“When I’m hungry, she provides me with heaven on a plate.”
Matthew Nepywoda, 11
Southwest Orlando

“‘She’s a florist and wedding designer, so she constantly has to undergo the strife and commands of vicious, teeth-gnashing brides. Somehow she manages to compose herself and keep calm despite their needy requests.”
Elizabeth Robertson, 16

“Every day she comforts me with eternal love and hugs and kisses. Her gentleness and self-control separates her from other people.”
Kam Summers, 12
Windsor Landing

“Can you imagine holding a baby in your stomach for nine months? It’s hard enough carrying a backpack to school every day …”
Jon Sicoli, 11
Windermere Downs

“My mom makes me feel safe when I am in the car. She drives the speed limit and makes sure she doesn’t crash into other cars.”
William Turnbull, 10

“She makes the impossible seem easy.”
Gage Stauferland, 12
Clubhouse Estates

“My mom is very talented because she knows how to sew and is good with electronics.”
Bryson Blaylock, 11
Tuscany Ridge

“My mom is the best because she comforts me when I’m nervous for a test. I had a test in fourth grade that was particularly horrifying, called the FCAT Writes. (I’m not a very skilled writer unless I have a good prompt.)”
Lizzie Connor, 10
Windsor Landing

“When I’m lying on the couch with a sick stomach and a bucket in case of, well, you know what, she’s always got a refreshing drink in my hand and a bowl of buttery crackers in my lap.”
Finn Wright, 12

“My mom is the best in Southwest Orlando because she quit her job to raise me. She walks me home from school, even though driving would be faster.”
Drake Andreson, 10

“My mom is awesome at drawing. I even think she has a gift of drawing thing. When I was in third grade, she made a picture for my project; it was the best-looking alligator that I have ever seen. I think she is the best drawer in Southwest.”
Emanuel Rivera, 12

“My mom is extremely brave and helpful because she kills disgusting, slimy, unwanted bugs. She also cleans the litter box for my graceful cat and our family’s noses.”
Matt Lewis, 10
Windermere Crossing

“My mom loves me because I am beautiful, and she hugs and kisses me a lot.”
Alessa Diaz Urbiola, 6
Keene’s Pointe

“She is kind to other people, like my dad.”
Avery Kaak, 7
Bay Lakes

“If I had a choice of giving up my mom’s cooking or marrying a pig, I would marry the pig!”
Daphne Moon, 10
Falcon Pointe

“Life can be rough, but with a mom who really cares, my fears drain away.”
Regan McElwee, 11
Windsor Hill

“My mom is even more fun than playing with a dog!”
Zoey Burt, 8
Dr. Phillips

“She encourages me to make me feel like anything is possible.”
Taneesh Makkena, 11
Phillips Landing

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